Freedive Pool Training Workout – “Six by CO2 Grind”

Boston East Coast Freedivers training in the pool

I came up with a new CO2 workout for group freedive pool training. I call it the “Six by CO2 Grind“, primarily because it is not really a stepped CO2 table, but just the hardest part, or “top” of the table isolated and extended.

Ran it tonight with the East Coast Divers freedive group that trains in Boston MA. USA. We did it with six divers, but this would work for groups of any size so long as you can set up buddy teams for the direct supervision exercises in the warm up section.

This is a medium-hard workout for freedivers with some training and experience. If you want to make this training more difficult, you could increase the six single breath lengths to eight, do the sprint section on FRC, or reduce breathe up times between exercises.

Six by CO2 Grind

Run Time: 1 Hour

Difficulty: Medium-Hard

Click on the training table to see a larger version.

Freedive pool training Six by CO2 Grind


Remember never train alone, always dive with a buddy!

If you are in the Boston area and are looking for freedivers to train with, East Coast Divers runs weekly group freedive pool trainings. Call the shop, message me, or join the Facebook group East Coast Freedivers to find out the schedule and info on trainings.

Freediving pool group workout "Six by CO2 Grind"

If you have any cool apnea pool workout ideas, leave them in the comments.

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